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Work Management

With this complete workplace management system, enjoy project management, using different data types, tailored templates, AI assistance, and automation. Discover the ease of managing everything in one place with our comprehensive solution. Adopt a smarter way of working with Atwork, where efficiency is key.

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What Does Atwork Platform Do for You?

Covering +90%

of your software needs

Facilitating data-driven


Efficient workflow optimization


the future of work

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Project Management


Atwork Project Management System Where innovation begins. Elevate your project management experience with a suite of highly effective tools and features.

CRM management system

Customer Relationship Management


Atwork CRM: Experience the power of Atwork's exceptional CRM solution. Discover the pinnacle of customer profiling and email automation with Atwork's exceptional customer relationship management.

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Workplace Management


Atwork Workplace Management System: Pioneering Innovation. Elevate your workplace management experience with an array of highly effective tools and features.

Using AI  Uncover the Realm of Work Management with Atwork
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AI Assistant

data driven decision making
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Data Driven Decision Making

Automated Flows


Data Management

Smart sheets: Streamlined workflow management with integrated Smartsheet time tracking for enhanced project efficiency and collaboration

Spaces: Atwork's management system introduces personalized spaces, tailored for individuals or specific job positions.

AutomationAtwork integrates intelligent automation to streamline tasks, maximizing efficiency by reducing manual efforts and allowing a focus on high-value activities.



  1. Atwork chat: Within the Atwork workplace management platform, you can seamlessly connect and collaborate with colleagues through integrated chat features.

  2. Groups: Atwork's workplace management tools facilitate group creation, enabling seamless knowledge-sharing for enhanced collaboration among team members.

  3. Discussion in Atwork platform: Atwork Workplace Management facilitates dynamic discussions, providing a dedicated space for collaborative conversations and effective decision-making.



Atwork timesheets: Atwork provides a robust and user-friendly timesheet feature that empowers organizations to efficiently track tasks and project hours, facilitating a seamless approach to project management and resource allocation.

By integrating with Smartsheet, this powerful combination of tools offers enhanced capabilities for teams to meticulously record their work hours, allocate resources intelligently, and gain deep insights into project timelines and progress. 

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  • What is Atwork?
    Atwork is workplace management system, teamwork platform and coworking space management software. At Atwork, we've pioneered an innovative work management system that redefines the way workplaces are managed. Our comprehensive suite of workplace systems, including a robust work order system software, seamlessly caters to all your needs. Immerse yourself in the convenience of our user-friendly work management system, meticulously designed to streamline tasks and enhance overall efficiency. Say goodbye to the complexities of manual coordination and project tracking. Atwork management system automates repetitive tasks, empowering you to efficiently set and achieve your goals while providing invaluable data insights. Elevate your work environment with our intelligent solutions.
  • Is using Atwork Free?
    Yes, you can use Atwork job management software free, but 3 persons could use it and if your users are more you should choose one of our plans.
  • Is Atwork a coworking space software?
    In Atwork you have a variety of features to manage your workplace like smart sheets & spaces. You could say Atwork is software to manage coworking spaces, but Atwork is not a palace is a workplace management system.
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